Professional Services

General Contracting

Shown is my largest construction to date.  A 2 story addition on a one story home in Bedford IN.  They lived in the original home (far left) while my crew and I built the addition in 2015.

Historic General Contracting

These historic garage doors on the famous "Tuckaway" house in Indy were laying on the ground in pieces when Mr. Keene hired me to rebuild them.

Induction Specialist/ Free Energy Research

When free time and resources have availed in life I have travelled to Europe and New Zealand and all over the USA studying over-unity claims and references.  My 2003 US Patent is the culmination of that research.

US Patent Authorship

I have been granted 2 US Patents in my life.  I studied the patent language and spent considerably on the first.  The second patent I wrote myself and it was issued in 9 months.

Real Estate Advisor

From growing up with 50 Teamsters Union employees to the resurection of dilapidated structures. I am currently practicing high level property investment techniques.

Strohm's Tiny Home

Katey and I have concepts, patentable plans and intentions to revolutionise the tiny home industry by manufacturing a revolutionary self leveling and self propelled high capacity undercarriage.